Liturgical Calendar 2014

Cycle A-II

Advent May 29 (Thurs)*
Ascension of the Lord
December 1 Advent I June 1 Easter VII
December 8 Advent II June 8 Pentecost
December 9 (Mon) Immaculate Conception Ordinary Time
December 15 Advent III June 15 Most Holy Trinity
December 22 Advent IV June 22 Corpus Christi (USA)
Christmas June 29 Sts. Peter and Paul
December 25 (Wed) Christmas July 6 Ordinary Time XIV
December 29 Holy Family July 13 Ordinary Time XV
January 1 (Wed) Mary, Mother of God July 20 Ordinary Time XVI
January 5 Epiphany (USA) July 27 Ordinary Time XVII
January 12 Baptism of the Lord August 3 Ordinary Time XVIII
Ordinary Time August 10 Ordinary Time XIX
January 19 Ordinary Time II August 15 (Fri) Assumption of Mary
January 26 Ordinary Time III August 17 Ordinary Time XX
February 2 Presentation of the Lord August 24 Ordinary Time XXI
February 9 Ordinary Time V August 31 Ordinary Time XXII
February 16
Ordinary Time VI September 7 Ordinary Time XXIII
February 23 Ordinary Time VII September 14 Holy Cross
March 2 Ordinary Time VIII September 21 Ordinary Time XXV
Lent September 28 Ordinary Time XXVI
March 5 Ash Wednesday October 5 Ordinary Time XXVII
March 9 Lent I October 12 Ordinary Time XXVIII
March 16 Lent II October 19 Ordinary Time XXIX
March 23 Lent III October 26 Ordinary Time XXX
March 30 Lent IV November 1 (Sat) All Saints
April 6 Lent V November 2 All Souls
April 13 Palm Sunday November 9 Ded. of Lateran Bas.
Pascal Triduum November 16 Ordinary Time XXXIII
April 17 Holy Thursday November 23 Christ the King
April 18 Good Friday
April 19 Easter Vigil
April 20 Easter
April 27 Easter II
May 4 Easter III
May 11 Easter IV
May 18 Easter V
May 25 Easter VI


Holy Days of Obligation: Immaculate Conception; Christmas; Mary, Mother of God; Ascension; Assumption.

Disclaimer: This calendar was made using current liturgical law in force in the United States. It is merely a planning guide. For an official liturgical calendar, please consult your local bishops’ conference.

*Please note: in most dioceses of the United States, the Ascension of the Lord is transferred to the following Sunday.

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